About Leslie

Her Head

In practice for over seven years, Leslie Santos is a psychological archeologist, mindset cartographer and champion of the life-thirsty. She studied positive psychology under Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania. It was while working with Seligman that she discovered how childhood adversity affects adult behaviors, an epic realization that catalyzed her mission and compelled her forward.

Her working model is that all humans experience childhood hardship and through this adversity protective adaptations are formed. Left unresolved, these adaptations become maladaptive in adulthood and block our momentum forward: every earnest step toward our desire is countered by an equal force in the opposite direction. These findings led to the development of her resilience process, designed for 1:1 mentorship and corporate human development for enlightened leaders.


Her Heart

Leslie is a courage teacher, and as such, her methods differ from others in this way: She is compelled with a fascinated, inexhaustible interest in all of her students' thoughts, beliefs, adaptations, stories, adventures, fears, failures, rages, villainies and nobilities. Like a star-crossed lover for their beloved, this ardent fascination is a spinning, thrilling, curiosity to deeply understand her student’s deepest pain and together chart the path home. Leslie becomes your ardent fan, your partner in health, your mentor to freedom.