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Working with Leslie was one of the most profound and meaningful experiences of my life. Leslie guided me to freedom. Our work together healed 30+ years’ worth of trauma, challenges and discomfort, resulting in the emergence of a whole, healed woman. As I write this, I have never been happier, more peaceful or more self-actualized than I am today. Hand on heart, I have Leslie Santos to thank for this reality.

Our work together provided me with a foundation that can never be lost – despite any circumstance that may arise – as it is a foundation of self-connection and trust. I have transformed on a cellular level, resulting in a deep knowing that I am always safe and cared for. This to me is freedom of which there is no greater return.

There are no words to sufficiently describe how talented and truly gifted Leslie Santos is as a mentor – she is a shepherd. If you are seeking peace, wholeness and happiness, please know that you have the opportunity of a lifetime in Leslie.
— Katrina Lempenski
After working with Leslie for the past year, I’m not a different person–I’m a more authentic me. Deeply. Wholeheartedly. Leslie has the innate ability to connect with her clients in the ways they need, to hold our hand through the journey, and to laugh about it when it’s funny and to hold space for us when it’s painful. I’ve learned a tremendous amount in my work with Leslie. You know when you do therapy and discover all of the things wrong with you, and then ask, “now what?” Leslie’s work is the “now what” and undoing our beliefs that there’s something wrong with us. If you’re seeking deep, meaningful self growth with a guide who combines science and magic, I highly recommend working with Leslie. If you feel stuck or are asking “what now?”, I highly recommend working with Leslie. If you’re ready to do the hard work, I highly recommend working with Leslie. I think you get it. I highly recommend working with Leslie.
— LeAnn Locher
I would not be where I am today if it were not for Leslie’s coaching, mentorship, friendship, support, guidance, insight, leadership and skill. She gave language to so many areas of my life I was struggling with that allowed me to make sense of each and every impasse I was facing in my life.

She is an outstanding coach and mentor, she is well read, informed and continues to develop this skill daily. Whilst I started working with Leslie for a specific reason we ended up unpacking many years of my life past and present. Her tools and skill have allowed me to let go of many limiting beliefs and step into my potential.

I have referred a number of my friends to Leslie and they all had the same experience as I did, transformation, resolution, insight and growth.

If you ever get the opportunity to work with Leslie take it - she is a gift and an expert in her field.
— Sonja Gibson
I met Leslie during an incredibly difficult period in my life. There were many days I didn’t know how to harness my own strength and hope and may days I couldn’t even put my own words together. Leslie held out her hand, stood graciously by me, and was amazingly instrumental in guiding me to brighter days. Her energy, strength, and sheer resilience is like no other! Though I couldn’t make sense of my own process at the time, she could. It was like she knew that the clearing was near and walked the journey with me. Not only did she help me understand and make sense of the catalytic event that had occurred, she guided me to the place where I am today- able to tell my story with the utmost strength and pride. I have never felt stronger or happier as a woman and it feels amazing. Leslie showered me with love and strength during the most difficult time in my life, and I am forever grateful for her. She is truly a gift, and I highly recommend her.
— Sarah James

Leslie has an innate ability to bring out the best in herself and others. She has worked with me to listen at a deeper level than anyone ever has, hearing the assumptions, fears and limiting beliefs behind my words; things I wasn’t even aware of. She compassionately challenges those assumptions, fears and limiting beliefs in a way that has helped me delve into who I am, get clear on what I want in life and bravely move forward to take action towards my goals. She has been through this process herself and so her empathy comes through in a way that makes me feel like I can tell her anything. But she doesn’t just provide empathy, she provides that amazing kick in the butt that your best friend would if they only knew how. Leslie doesn’t just mentor, she is a shepherd at her very soul. She will challenge you to find your authentic self and move forward with confidence and the skills to be resilient so that you learn to bend with grace and courage.
— Brandy Reece
For 32 years, I carried a painful belief: If I do what is best for me, I will disappoint others and they will withdraw their love. As a result, I doubt myself, I criticize myself, I play small, I stop playing, I withdraw, and I get stuck. I have conditioned myself to fear emotional discomfort because I believe it will lead to disconnection.

Today I can see this belief for what it is — an adaptation I constructed in childhood so I could gain people’s love and approval and feel safe. The myth has finally been dispelled. I no longer need to fear my emotional discomfort. My discomfort is not the enemy, it is my ally, my friend, my companion to peace: What I seek to avoid is the very remedy that will heal me. I trust and love myself enough to engage in the difficult conversations, speak my truth, directly ask for what I need, and dive into the life I envision for myself. I say hell yes to my life, my way, on my terms! I have come to realize that the only disconnection I feel is disconnection from myself. From now on, I choose me.
— Saree Silverman
Leslie’s process is unparalleled. Instead of shying away from the difficulties that arise in my life, Leslie helps me embrace vulnerability and integrate emotional experience to strengthen personal resilience. This work is deeply meaningful. I am better because of the time I spend with Leslie. AND I’m certain that if you work with Leslie, you too will learn the skills to bend, not break.
— Laura Taylor
Old me: I am not free to choose what is best for me.
New me: I am always free to choose, and I am the only person who knows what is best for me.

Old me: I can’t ask for help.
New me: I look forward to asking for help. I am surrounded by people who love and support me.

Old me: I cannot disappoint others.
New me: I can disappoint others. I will disappoint others. I look forward to disappointing others. I am no longer willing to disappoint myself.

Old me: I am unlovable.
New me: I am pure love. Any thought that contradicts this is a mind trick of my ego: me not loving myself. I return to love by doing the very thing that scares me: speaking my truth, practicing vulnerability, asking for help. If it’s difficult, it is necessary.

Old me: I cannot burden others.
New me: It’s not my job to assess their capacity. They can choose. I can ask.
— Julie Terry