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Are you curious about our resilience community? 

Hi! My name is Leslie, I am a resilience mentor (not a coach, or a therapist) who guides women through their ups and downs while they climb their personal mountain to freedom. 

Once a month, I bring the methods I use with my private clients to a community of women.

On the call, I mentor one member through her setback while the community silently holds space in compassion. You learn side-by-side as you listen in, absorbing your own insights and lessons as they unfold for you. It's powerful medicine. 

Please join us! Audit our 60-minute call on Wednesday, July 11th at 12pm PST | 3pm EST. 

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  • Once you register, you'll be given the phone number and access code. 
  • During the call, you'll listen deeply and internalize your own understanding.  
  • After the call, I write a companion PDF that springboards personal growth. 

Members are saying...

  • Hearing Leslie's resilience process over and over again is teaching me how to internalize my own growth. 
  • I am reminded that I am not alone in my turbulence, and that I need to be reminded. 
  • I am surprised by how much I learn. 
  • Leslie truly embodies her approach, and because she lives it, she has opened me up to my own possibility. 
  • I am learning how to permanently resolve my anxiety and fear through integration. Game changer.

The Resilience Community Calls are unparalleled. Instead of shying away from the difficulties that arise in our lives, Leslie helps women embrace vulnerability and integrate emotional experience to strengthen personal resilience. These calls provide a safe space for women to witness and share their stories and personal experience. They are deeply meaningful to me and have given me a sense of shared development, while supporting my personal growth. I am better because of the time I spend with Leslie and this community. AND I’m certain that if you join this group of strong, resilient, invested, and engaged women, you too will learn the skills to bend, not break.
— Laura
I love being part of this community, where I learn from others, where I find support, where I find guidance to continue my growth. Resilience has new meaning for me now. It’s not about avoiding hardship, it’s about learning to bend.
— Amparo

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