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Resilience Leadership is a positive psychology approach to professional development with a focus on lasting behavior change that reaches across disciplines to radically improve workforce culture.

Meet Leslie…

I am a resilience mentor who founded Bend Don’t Break because each leader struggles with unique challenges positioned at an intersection where their strengths and fears coalesce. These hidden fears deplete ones’ resilience and generate a high cognitive load. I’m known for quickly zeroing in on the true source of a leader’s pain then teaching them how to pull together solutions that provide relief and clarity to make big strides forward. 

My leadership education is built on deep academic training including a Masters in positive psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in education. Prior to joining the leadership and personal development field, I had hands-on business experience running marketing for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishers. 

This variety of experience has given me a gift for dropping into a leadership situation and quickly grasping what’s happening. I can see the secret scaffolding that underpins the framework driving an individual’s motivations. 

Sometimes leaders need pragmatic coaching. Sometimes they need to play out an idea and get honest, thoughtful feedback from someone who understands the psychology of human nature. This is why my clients see me as a mentor rather than a coach. They count on me to hear the need-behind-their-need, unwrap their hidden motivations driving the action/reaction, explore new perspectives and uncover new possibilities. I am always transparent, clear and collaborative. 

Because I believe that what a leader needs resides within, and that my role is helping them unlock their own potential, a big part of what I do is connecting my clients with expert specialists and resources that I’ve come to know and trust. I’m extraordinarily grateful to work with leaders I adore and collaborate with experts I respect. 

What Resilience Leadership Does

The resilience mindset-based training & coaching approach shifts leaders from approaching management, people and challenges from a technical fix (the problem) to the adaptive solution (the person having the problem).

Mindset leadership cultivates employee transformation from the inside out – educating, uncovering, empowering and supporting the transition from an adaptive mindset to a transformational mindset.

Leadership Clients

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to work with life-hungry change-agents at:

  • Google

  • LinkedIn

  • Lyft

  • Linux Foundation

  • Adobe

  • Salesforce

  • Wells Fargo

  • San Francisco Unified School District

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