Resilience Mentorship Packages

Leslie mentors women through a resilience sequence

If you're not sure what a sequence is, begin here

The Resilience Solution 

The eight-week mentorship package includes >15 hours of engagement with Leslie 

One 2 hour mentorship call

One custom mentorship manual

8 emotional integration calls

$1900 paid in full


The Transformation

A nine-month mentorship package includes >60 hours of engagement with Leslie 

Six 2hr mentorship calls

Six mentorship manuals

Weekly emotional integration calls

$950 per month for nine months


The Partnership

Unlimited Annual Mentorship. At minimum 125 hours of engagement with Leslie. 

Twelve mentorship calls

Twelve mentorship manuals

Unlimited emotional integration calls

Support calls as needed in any duration

$1,600 per month for twelve months


For Former Students

The Tune Up

Three separate 60-minute coaching calls, scheduled anytime. 



The Emergency

Single coaching session, now!

Schedule via Leslie’s calendar here


After working with Leslie for the past year, I’m not a different person–I’m a more authentic me. Deeply. Wholeheartedly. Leslie has the innate ability to connect with her clients in the ways they need, to hold our hand through the journey, and to laugh about it when it’s funny and to hold space for us when it’s painful. I’ve learned a tremendous amount in my work with Leslie. You know when you do therapy and discover all of the things wrong with you, and then ask, “now what?” Leslie’s work is the “now what” and undoing our beliefs that there’s something wrong with us. If you’re seeking deep, meaningful self growth with a guide who combines science and magic, I highly recommend working with Leslie. If you feel stuck or are asking “what now?”, I highly recommend working with Leslie. If you’re ready to do the hard work, I highly recommend working with Leslie.
I think you get it. I highly recommend working with Leslie.
— LeAnn Locher

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