My mission is to liberate women from the tyranny of fear by resolving the unconscious and left-over issues holding them back from living their true life.

Leaders know that it can be hard to bring about change.

Failure to meet your goals is a result of an adaptive mindset (blind spots) that work to psychologically counter your momentum.

This inner conflict creates the gap between desire and action.

As a leader, have you discovered that desire and motivation are not enough to enact the long-term behavior change you seek?

What is an adaptive mindset…

A mindset is the mental framework you operate from – how you view your world and how you manage your anxiety. An adaptive mindset (a blind spot) creates a chasm between what you want and what you do.


Your inability to close the desire <> action gap is not a result in insincerity; change fails to occur because hidden adaptive mindsets are the framework you or your team are operating from. This blind spot, a hidden inner conflict, counters momentum toward your desire. Each earnest step forward is countered by an equal force in the opposite direction.

All species create adaptations that serve to protect them, and this very source of self-protection is the barrier to your goal.

Closing the desire <> action gap…

We all have the responsibility to show up as our whole selves at work. To do this, we must lean into our discomfort and expose our hidden assumptions. The data shows that brave leaders are never silent around hard things. A conscious leader’s primary job is to excavate the unsaid and this requires robust courage and vulnerability.


Leslie works with organizations by teaching leaders how to uncover the adaptive mindset that keeps them and their teams silent and therefore stuck. Once the unsaid is excavated, a clear mindset map emerges, and they are able to pinpoint the problem clearly and design strategies that will move everyone forward.

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