Welcome to day one of loving yourself.

This audio course is a meditation series designed to bring you home to yourself.

Through twelve guided mediations, using poetry, story, metaphor and music, you will learn to honor the call of beauty, hear the gentle whispering of your soul, and more reverently and fiercely articulate and attend to your needs.

Awakened to your desires and longing, you will learn to source self-care in the most unexpected places.

Returning Home To Yourself

This course will build the foundation of self-care. Leslie will guide you through a range of perspectives that will help you awaken to your needs with an intimacy and tenderness that will soothe your soul.

Listen to her Day 2 lesson: Tenderly attending to all of yourself.


Self-care is a portal to peace. A wondrous way to wholeness.

A way we try, at our soul’s cost, to dismiss as wasteful, self-indulgent and unproductive. Yet, living in our over manufactured world, designed to separate us from our true self, wholeness is what we most need.

Drawn on research from positive psychology, ecopsychology and neuroscience, this audio meditation course is an invitation to tenderly, reverently reduce the sense of distance you feel between your desires and your surrender, and step resolutely toward yourself — home.

After you download the course, you can access and contemplate at your leisure, on your timeline, as needed.

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