Welcome. I am so glad you're here. 

Someone, who you value and trust, referred you to resilience mentorship. Thank you for showing up here. My guess is that you're in the middle of a storm -- inner turmoil, confusion, disconnection, anxiety, strong emotions, insomnia, worry, or pervasive fear. I understand; I can teach you how to achieve the joy, connection and peace you seek.

Together, walking hand-in-hand, we will untangle your hardship and discover the root of your suffering. We will climb your personal mountain, through your ups and downs, until you reach your summit. Once there, you will see clearly. You will feel the wind beneath you. You will resolve your left-over issues. You will learn how to bend. 

You must enter the wilderness if you want the sweet taste of freedom.

You'll be redirected to my professional calendar, where you can schedule a complimentary 45-minute Resilience Q&A session with me. We'll take our time exploring what hurts, and I'll offer suggestions for how I might help. There are many entry points; we'll find a support match that meets your needs and resources. 

Support is one click away. 

I look forward to meeting you. 


Still here?

Not ready to ask for help because you want more information? Let's feed the social-self's need for data. 

Trauma - we all have it. Why the issues in your tissues keep you from the life you seek. 

My working model. Why resolving your left over issues is the key to freedom. 

Behavioral adaptations  - we all do it. Why you're made to bloom. 

My transformational four-step process. Why resilience mentorship is different. 

The greatest gift you can give others is your own wellbeing. Your personal investment is priceless.

I look forward to meeting you. 


Working with Leslie was one of the most profound and meaningful experiences of my life. Leslie guided me to freedom. Our work together healed 30+ years’ worth of trauma, challenges and discomfort, resulting in the emergence of a whole, healed woman. As I write this, I have never been happier, more peaceful or more self-actualized than I am today. Hand on heart, I have Leslie Santos to thank for this reality.

Our work together provided me with a foundation that can never be lost – despite any circumstance that may arise – as it is a foundation of self-connection and trust. I have transformed on a cellular level, resulting in a deep knowing that I am always safe and cared for. This to me is freedom of which there is no greater return.

There are no words to sufficiently describe how talented and truly gifted Leslie Santos is as a mentor – she is a shepherd. If you are seeking peace, wholeness and happiness, please know that you have the opportunity of a lifetime in Leslie.
— Katrina Lempenski