Welcome. I am glad you’re here. 

Resilience mentorship is a multi-layered approach that integrates the unconscious, left-over, and unresolved issues in your tissues. Known as adaptations, these left-over issues resulted from the hardships in your life; and these adaptations create behaviors that are now maladaptive to the life you desire.  

At the University of Pennsylvania, I created a resilience mentoring process

of empirically tested pathways that transform from the inside out.

My Working Model

My working model is that, despite your many attempts, your wellbeing lies just out of reach because your emotions and left-over issues remain unresolved in your nervous system.

Through your adaptations, you’ve created constructs for how you see the world — how you make meaning about your environment. These constructs were designed to make you feel safe, and while they appear factual and certain, in reality, they’re not.

When you react to your environment (simulating with such speed, that these adaptations work in stealth) you unintentionally hold yourself apart from the relationships, joy, freedom, peace and ease you desire.   

My Expertise

My expertise is piecing together your unconscious, left-over and unresolved issues. I am trained to see what you cannot see for yourself. As a resilience specialist, I empower you with information, resources and methods to heal and integrate your nervous system. 

Identifying and integrating these stealth adaptations, is the secret sauce behind the success of Resilience Mentorship. 

As a mentor, I shepherd you through present-day difficulties, link these difficulties to your past experiences, then integrate the past in the present so your future will be different. 

After the four-step process, you’ll be able to clearly identify and integrate the beliefs, emotions and maladaptive behaviors no longer serving you. 

My mission is to liberate humans and reunite them with their deepest true and alive self. 

Learn about my transformational four-step resilience process here