The Resilience Mentoring Process

A four-part sequence designed to heal your deepest wounds.


Step 1: Spotlight 

Through a two-hour coaching intensive, we compassionately explore the beliefs and adaptations driving your self-sabotaging behaviors. It’s like shining a flashlight in the dark corners of your unconscious. Beliefs lead to adaptations. Adaptations lead to behaviors. For example, a left-over issue creates a belief that feels factual: they do not love me; the adaptation becomes self-criticism; the behavior becomes over-productivity. The stealth adaptation created a working model that helps you feel ok about yourself. 

Step 2: Shepherd 

After your 2hr coaching intensive, Leslie writes a lengthy document (e.g., a 15-page PDF) that specifically addresses your conversation, provides context to your experience, and offers specific scientific tools and resources to help you understand YOU. This becomes your mentorship manual which you will use to reference, rekindle, and deliberately practice behavior change. In other words, Leslie will see through your blind spots and give you the framework and language to support yourself through purposeful practice that is both timely (in your now) and timeless (will support you throughout your lifespan). 

Step 3: Surface 

Your 2hr intensive conversation is designed to gently scratch your outer coating. Within days of your call, the emotions you’ve tried to outrun, ignore, or avoid will begin to surface. In step three you allow these emotions space to surface. This surrender is your solo step, for you cannot integrate what you cannot accept, and you cannot heal what you cannot integrate. You will schedule your emotional integration after your discomfort, and with Leslie, acend to step four.

Step 4: Support

Leslie will support and lead you through the steps to permanently integrate your uncomfortable emotions. Unlike the two-hour conversation with your intellect, the emotional integration calls are a conversation with your body. This step is crucial. At the end of the call the uncomfortable emotion will be permanently resolved and will no longer impact you. 

I would not be where I am today if it were not for Leslie’s coaching, mentorship, friendship, support, guidance, insight, leadership and skill. She gave language to so many areas of my life I was struggling with that allowed me to make sense of each and every impasse I was facing in my life.

She is an outstanding coach and mentor, she is well read, informed and continues to develop this skill daily. Whilst I started working with Leslie for a specific reason we ended up unpacking many years of my life past and present. Her tools and skill have allowed me to let go of many limiting beliefs and step into my potential.

I have referred a number of my friends to Leslie and they all had the same experience as I did, transformation, resolution, insight and growth.

If you ever get the opportunity to work with Leslie take it - she is a gift and an expert in her field.
— Sonja Gibson

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