The data suggests that the gap between what we expect of people’s minds in the workplace and what our minds are actually like is quite large, and this chasm of expectations contaminates culture. 

The problems leaders face today require more than incorporating technical skills to adaptive challenges. The challenges can only be met by transforming one’s mindset and shifting the attention from the ‘problem’ to the ‘person having the problem’.

Leadership Workshops


Quantum mechanics tell us how events happens. Psychology tells us how we interact with each other and how we think. It is at this intersection - how our interactions and thinking create the events that happen in our lives – that Leslie will explicate as she blends these two sciences to help you discover your adaptive mindset. A must-experience 6-hour foundation to connect with and harness the power of your mind

Mindset | A mindset is the mental framework you operate from – how you view your world and how you manage your anxiety. An adaptive mindset creates a chasm between what you want and what you do. Conscious leaders know that it can be hard to bring about change. In this first workshop, we will explore this change mechanism and learn what barriers prevent you from taking action on your goals. 2hrs

Mindset Mapping | Building on the Mindset foundation, we explore your desire < > action gap – the chasm between what you want and what prevents you from taking action – and construct a mindset map. We will identify your inner conflict and begin to dismantle the barriers by finding the hidden assumptions you’re operating from. 2hrs

Closing the Desire <> Action Gap | In our final workshop, Leslie will help you bring your challenges into view to create an action plan to test your maladaptive assumptions. You will learn how thoughts create the cascade of events that construct your world, how your emotions control your choices, and how you can free yourself from reactive emotional responses and thought debris. You will excavate the unsaid and bravely lead yourself to new horizons. 2hrs


An inside-out approach to personal leadership. We explore the innate components of what makes each of us distinctive and craft your signature leadership style into an authentic “elevator pitch” that clearly articulates your desires and unique contribution. 7hrs total.

Strengths | Building on Inside Out Leadership, we discover and declare your unique gifts to the world. Leveraging the Positive Psychology Strengths Assessment, we identify your greatness and show you how to harmoniously own and powerfully harness your energy for joy, impact and contribution to yourself and humankind and planet. 2hrs

Why | Building on Strengths, this workshop is a deep dive into what drives you – your motivation. Using your signature leadership style, you learn to calculate your unique algorithm: strengths + 10K hours + resilience = your true purpose and mission. 2hrs

Crafting your Calling | Finally, we coalesce everything you’ve learned about your signature style and guide you through the steps to clearly craft your unique contribution to the world – your calling. 2hrs


A deep-dive into the art of anchoring yourself when the storms of change blow into your personal & professional life. This one-of-a-kind masterfully crafted workshop weaves poetry, music, metaphor and positive psychology together to source your deepest well of resilience. We teach you how to navigate hardship using tools that enable you to bounce back quickly. 4hrs

These positive psychology leadership programs are ideal for organization-wide professional development, functional and cross-functional team alignment, manager training programs, leadership offsites and women’s leadership initiatives. 


To learn more about Leslie and her approach to leadership development or what she’s done with other clients, click here; even better, reach out with a question…

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