Bend Don't Break is about freedom,

 and how far we are willing to go to achieve it. 


I am a believer in human transformation and I hope to make my faith contagious. 

Hello, my name is Leslie Santos.


I am a professional resilience mentor, which is to say a partner in psychological health, here for life-thirsty people who want the sweet taste of freedom. Unlike a series of 50-minute sessions with a life coach or therapist, resilience mentorship is a long-term commitment in a co-creative relationship. We take the journey to freedom together, and unravel your greatest challenges so you can live your life without fear. We climb your mountain, walking hand-in-hand through your ups and downs until you reach your personal summit. From this new perspective, you will be able to see clearly. 


Your greatest hardships illuminate the path we take to transform barriers into resilience.

Climbing your mountain, you’ll move from the surface of self to the center of self.

There are many paths to personal transformation; no two mountains are the same.

You can trail blaze one-on-one with me.

You can bring me with my suite of services into your company.

You can learn about the science of resilience.

Explore these paths and reach out; the greatest gift you can give others is your wellbeing.

I am so excited to see you or your team realize freedom!